Information: Washington State Ferry to Orcas Island

Beginning in 2015, reservations are available for Washington State Ferry sailings between Anacortes and Orcas Island.

Here’s How It Works:


Washington State Ferry fares for scheduled sailings from Anacortes to the San Juan Islands are round trip and collected in full in Anacortes before you board the boat.  Click


Reservations are released in a tiered system beginning 2 month prior to the start date of each new schedule (“the season start date”).  

30% of all reservable space on all summer sailings between Anacortes, WA and the San Juan Islands (Orcas Island) will be available for reserving APRIL 14, 2015.

Summer 2015 scheduled sailings start June 13, 2015 .  

Another 30% of reservable space on any given sailing will be released 2 weeks prior to the scheduled sailing.  

The final 30% of total reserved space will be released 2 days prior to the scheduled sailing.

To make a reservation, click on the link below.

Select the route your route and travel date, then click on show availability.

Select your vehicle size and height.  (hint: Check your owners manual for the overall vehicle length. The Ferry Ticket booth operators are equipped with measuring equipment)

Add your selected sailing to the cart. (hint: check the date! just to be sure)

Click on the green “Book a round trip” button on the right menu to book your

You will be required to provide credit card or debit card information